Fire Training Canberra

Fire Training in Canberra ACT

Prepare your Canberra healthcare or aged care facility for full governmental compliance with emergency fire training in Canberra and nationally.

Our consultants evaluate your organisational and regulatory objectives and develop a total fire management strategy for your requirements. As part of this emergency preparedness process Metrofire can provide:

Metrofire provides extensive knowledge of building codes, legislation, standards, and transforms this expertise into actionable insights, and training that exceeds regulatory and compliance concerns.

Trust our online fire training services, or in-person fire warden training in Hobart, Tasmania to ensure your safety, compliance and emergency preparedness.

Contact us to find out how our consultants can develop a solution for your healthcare or aged care location from the ground-up or to assess the individual needs of your location.

Who's using us?

Our emergency management solutions have been adopted by some of Australias leading healthcare organisations...